Agro Solution

Agriculture is the largest employment sector in Bangladesh. The performance of this sector has an overwhelming impact on major macroeconomic objectives like employment generation, poverty alleviation, human resources development, food security, etc. A plurality of Bangladeshis earns their living from agriculture.

In 1972, about 75% of the workforce was in primary industry (mostly agriculture) and 25% in non-agricultural sectors while in 2010 these ratios had changed greatly in which 47% were in agriculture and 53% in non-agriculture.

Why Farm Mechanization?

Migration causes labor shortages. The indication of this situation is reduced agricultural productivity. Labor scarcity led to increased use of hired labor for the most farm operations such as tiling the land, weeding etc. That is why Farm Mechanization is very important now-a-days. The effective mechanization contributes to increase production in two major ways: firstly, the timeliness of operation and secondly the good quality of work. List of Farm Mechanization:

  • Tractor.
  • Power Tiller.
  • Tractor implement’s- Rotavator, Disc Plough, Disk Harrow & others.
  • Planting Equipment’s- Transplanter, Seeder.
  • Fertilizing & Pest Control Equipment’s- Knapsack Sprayer, Power Sprayer & others.
  • IRRIGATION Equipment’s- Water pump and Diesel engine.
  • Harvesting Equipment’s- Thresher, Reaper, Combine Harvester.

Why Tractor & Power Tiller?

Tractor & Power Tiller is a farm equipment, it’s a prime mover. Agricultural implements can be mounted on and towed behind the Tractor & Power Tiller in order to provide a source of power when the tractor & Power Tiller is mechanized. There are various uses of Tractor & Power Tiller depending on the agricultural implement.

Why Combine Harvester?

A combine harvester is a machine used for the grain (rice, wheat, corn and etc.) harvest which both improves the harvest efficient and saves labor cost. Currently there are a variety of combine harvesters in the market.

Labor scarcity lead to increased use of hired labor for the most farm operations such as tiling the land, weeding etc. Labor shortage creates as a consequence of migration, affects agricultural performance negatively. That is why Combine Harvester is very important now-a-days.

Why Rice Transplanter?

  • Government emphasis to expand this machine.
  • By using machine transplanting we can cover more area with less labor, reduces the burden of the farmer.
  • By using machine, we can achieve uniform spacing and plant density.
  • Placing of single seedling is possible.
  • Uniform depth of transplanting of seedlings is possible.
  • Seedlings which transplanted by machine can recover fast, vigorously.
  • By using this machine, production capacity increase and can save time.


Massey Ferguson MF240 40HP
Massey Ferguson MF240 XTRA 45HP
Massey Ferguson MF350 50Hp
Massey Ferguson MF350 XTRA 55Hp
Massey Ferguson MF355 55HP
Massey Ferguson MF360 (Turbo) 60HP
Massey Ferguson MF375 75HP
Massey Ferguson MF385 (2WD/4WD) 85HP

Combine Harvester

Massey Ferguson Full Feed Harvester MF2168
Marksan Half Feed Harvester BM 608

Power tiller

MARKSAN - SIFANG Power Tiller GN-121
MARKSAN - SIFANG Power Tiller GN-151
MARKSAN - SIFANG Power Tiller GN-201


MARKSAN Reaper BM 4S-120

Reapper Binder

MARKSAN Reaper Binder BM 4K-50
MARKSAN Reaper Binder BM 4K-90


MARKSAN Rotavator BM-145
MARKSAN Rotavator BM-165
MARKSAN Rotavator BM-185
MARKSAN Rotavator BM-205

Rice Transplanter

MARKSAN Rice Transplanter 2 ZS-4HT