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  • Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is the support equipment found at an airport, usually on the apron, the servicing area by the terminal. This equipment is used to service the aircraft between flights. As the name suggests, ground support equipment is there to support the operations of aircraft whilst on the ground. The role of this equipment generally involves ground power operations, aircraft mobility, and cargo/passenger loading operations.

Cargo Loaders

Today's growing airports have operations spread over a large area and operations managers need their loaders where the work is. With its improved mobility and higher drive speed, a single Ranger can do the work of multiple conventional loaders. Our Ranger loader can improve productivity with high operating speed, great mobility, easy maintenance, and reliability.


We have experience in Sales and Service of used “DEICERS” made by world class Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our specialists will give you “what you want, when you want it and at the price you want it”. Our Service Teams guarantee the use of genuine OEM spare parts and bring the equipment up to specifications listed in the Original Product Manual. In addition every product delivered to our valued clients come with standard warranty based on terms and conditions listed at the time of sale.

Tow/ Tractor Vehicles

These tow tractors provide a lower Total Cost of Ownership with a design that provides excellent operator visibility, ability to tow a broad range of aircraft, low maintenance driveline components and a simple, but robust design for an extended useful life.

Air Start Unit or APU

We are offering Mobile conditioned Air units, standard Perkins or Cummins engine options. However, our principle makes every effort to work with our customers if another engine is desired. Like our static preconditioned air units, Verde’s mobile models offer the same innovative, energy savings technology like none other on the market today.

Ground Power Units

With the D POWER, OUR PRINCIPLE presents a new brand of ground power supply for aircraft in the flight preparation phase. Enhanced efficiency and the reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), combined with improved environmental- and user-friendliness, make the D POWER one of the most innovative ground power units able to meet increased requirements in the long term.The D POWER is characterised by optimised economy and increased efficiency. Low maintenance and extremely easy servicing and operation complete the profile of this purpose-made development. Optimum power is guaranteed.

Disabled Passenger Lift

The Disable Passenger Lift product range are used to carry passengers with reduced mobility. Such passengers are received at ground level; once the Medical Lift is fully raised, they can then be comfortably transferred into the aircraft. In addition to Medical Lift also serves docking positions on smaller aircraft with boarding steps.

Catering and Cleaning Truck

A wide variety of chassis, designs, ancillary features, customization and functionality are available on Nandan Hi-Lifts. Features include ergonomic control systems; full cabin (2,700 to 600 mm); chassis (16 to GVW or 11 ton GVW), half cabin (1,600 to 6,000 mm) with insulated or non-insulated bodies and FRP bodies. Customization is also available with the help of four catering models: Catering Petite, Catering Superstar, Catering Champ and Catering Titan.

Passenger Boarding Steps/ Stairs

Step Ladders (Passenger Stairs) are used for enplaning and deplaning of passengers. It comes in Towable and Self-propelled versions with Advanced hydraulic technology and components, elegant in design, sturdy outlook and rugged in construction are utilized to provide reliable performance and easy maintenance.Passenger Stairs capable of providing passenger access to a wide range of aircraft including narrow, medium and wide body aircraft. Nandan also offers electric operated Self-propelled step ladder as part of the BLUE GSE.

Aircraft Maintenance Vehicle

The Mobile Air Traffic Control is a custom-made trailer with a towing arrangement that houses a generator and UPS. With a 360-degree viewing platform, Air conditioning, Genset & other safety features.With a collapsible roof, the Mobile ATC can fit inside a Hercules and is easily transportable by air, sea and road. Team Nandan is proud to be the first to manufacture the Mobile ATC in India and export it to Indonesia.

Aircraft Refueler

Aircraft Refueler designed to provide fuel to all the equipment inside the airport, located in tarmac and can go out of the aircraft complex in a safe manner.


With its continuous load platform, this product group is used for heavy goods which are not excessively high. The axle system from the VARIO series is offered with continuous axles, which is fitted with air suspension as standard; hydraulic suspension can also be supplied as an option. Transport cargoes include wind turbines, concrete beams and wooden trusses. Flat, extremely high cargoes can be transported in the low design, Special off-road vehicles provide transport under extreme climate and road conditions.

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