• Port Handling Solution
  • Port Handling Solution

Port Handling Solution

Marksan Global Complex Bid division takes the responsibility of serving all required setup and necessaries related with Trunkey projects and ultimately provides the business to the new operator only upon completion the of the requirements. We pave the way of generating the business more efficiently through project management and quality service within the required time period.

Besides that, Marksan Global Complex Bid division provides strategic advice, policy and intelligence to enable defense capability and to provide supports for strengthening decision-making policies associated with it.

We are dominating last 15 years in market & we have achieved a great deal of confidence in our governmental originations, port authorities, construction company & department, law enforcement authorities as well as defense authority as customers by providing quality construction equipment’s, heavy equipment’s, industrial machineries, Port handling equipment’s & solution, turn-key projects, vehicles, defense equipment, military trucks, APC, tactical intelligence solution, Firefighting Solution & maritime etc.

Marksan Global Complex Bidding has 15 years’ experience in Port Handing Equipment's, terminal solution & Ship to Shore operation.

We are dealing with wide range of Port & Terminal equipment's as well as smart solution.

Ship to Shore Crane (STS)

Marksan Global dealing STS with world renounced manufacturer, and we can erect our STS cranes on-site, or ship them fully erected depending on customer's location.

Straddle Carrier

Marksan Global deal with world best one manufacturer of Straddle Carrier, our Straddle Carriers are excellent maneuverability, high speed and reliability. We do not need yard infrastructure, so initial investment costs are low. They are available in different sizes, stacking containers 1-over-2 or 1-over-3, ideally suited for step-by-step enlargement of container terminals as required. They are also now available as automated versions.

Rubber Tired Gentry (RTG)

Marksan Global supply RTG with customized to meet customers unique demand at ports and yards, available in standard model and tailored models with multiple choices of hoisting height, spans and specifications. Modular design, top manufacturing, leading technologies and rigorous tests give customers the best RTG crane in the shortest period.

Rail Mounted Gentry (RMG)

Marksan Global supplying RMG which custom designed and manufactured based on the practical condition on customer ports or yards. Standard RMG crane is modular designed and has displayed outstanding performance at ports across the globe. We are committed to providing you the best RMG crane in the shortest period.

Automated Terminal Tractors

Automated terminal tractors (A-TT) is new technology which every container terminal seeking for fully automated operation. Marksan Global can supply the world reputed Automated Terminal tractor as per customer demand.

Automated Container Handling

Marksan Global has the Widest and deepest offering in automated container handling. Our principal automation approach is both pragmatic and forward-looking. It is built on experience from the field and deep knowledge of container crane design and operation. When it comes to automation, the container handling equipment matters.

Automated Guided Vehicle

We offer a wide range of terminal vehicles. These include unmanned, automated container transport vehicles, or Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), which are used for rapid and economical container transport between the quayside and the container yard. We also supplies management and navigation software to operate the AGVs. Our AGVs and Lift AGVs are now available with lithium-ion battery technology.

Empty Container Handler

Empty container handling truck with noticeable fuel consumption characteristics compared to similarly sized trucks which able to handle 20’ and 40’ container Handling. Marksan Global representing world reputed brand FANTUZZI in Bangladesh as their authorized agent.

Reach Stackers

A reach stacker is a vehicle used for handling intermodal cargo containers. We can supply FANTUZZI LADEN & UNLADEN Reach Stacker as per customer requirement.

Rough Trainer Forklift Truck

Rough terrain forklifts are designed to run on rough, unpaved surfaces and they are commonly used in outdoor construction sites or in military applications.

Multi-Purpose Port Crane

We have Sennebogen Multi-Purpose Crane which is considering world biggest crane for bulk material & container handling in port operation.

Balance Crane

The most popular solution for bulk material handing purpose is equilibrium Crane know mostly Balance Crane and globally Sennebogen is especially expertise on it. We are representing Senebogen Balance Crane in Bangladesh market last 10 year.

Mobile Harbour Crane

Mobile Harbor crane makes it effective for all areas of application in the harbor and thereby guarantee the highest level of effectiveness.

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