• Utility Solution
  • Utility Solution

Utility Solution

Marksan Global Division are presenting Utility Solution where we are providing Digital Road Marking, Digital Signal, Work Time Light Mast and etc. All of this item is Using advance Technology for better understanding and Solutions.

Message Signs

Full-size, full-matrix Our Variable Message Signs are the ideal choice when you need to get information to the public. The full matrix allows the greatest flexibility for displaying any type of message — large or small letters, graphics and symbols. Perfect for a wide variety of applications, a multitude of functions and options make these signs extremely versatile.

Our Message Signs are available with multiple languages. The dense field of pixels in our highly reliable full-matrix display ensures high legibility, even with non-Latin alphabets. The display features bright, high-efficiency LEDs for outstanding legibility and visibility with reduced energy consumption and superior performance. Messages are presented as text, graphics or both for traffic safety, emergency response or any application.

Arrow Boards

Folding Frame Arrow Boards are highly reliable, visible from distances of a mile or more, and employ a unique high-efficiency power system. The folding-frame design pivots the display panel up to the vertical position when deployed, and down to horizontal for transport. The display panel is secured in place with a single support that ensures ease of use and prevents damage. Both 15-light and 25-light models are available.

Speed Signs

Speed limit signs provide dynamically changeable speed limit notification to motorists on a brightly lit, highly visible display panel. Our Variable Speed Limit Trailers add flexibility to this strategy, being both portable and self-powered. They are easy to deploy and require no permanent installation or wiring. Manage traffic more effectively with a variable speed limit sign you can change in response to current conditions without adding infrastructure.

Fold-N-Go Sign Trailers

Standard Fold-n-Go Sign Trailer provides a platform for temporarily displaying regulatory signs, alerting motorists of a work zone or other hazard. Shorter than our Tall and XT models, this compact and portable trailer offers effortless transport, easy roadside placement and quick deployment in just minutes.

Surveillance Systems

Solar Surveillance System makes your community safer with quick deployment and remote monitoring and control. This system includes one or two cameras with onboard digital recording and many options to suit a wide variety of applications.

Light Towers

Light Towers are truly unique, designed with the features our customers ask for most often. It has the tallest tower in its class, over 24 feet, and the lights can be aimed from the ground when the tower is fully lowered. The compact design allows up to 18 units on a single 53-foot truck, reducing per-unit shipping cost and improving overall cost. Available with metal halide lights, LEDs or balloon lights.


X-Marker is lighted visual aid to indicate temporary runway closure. It efficiently and effectively warns pilots of closed airport runways and taxiways, and protects maintenance crews working in these areas. Proven technology, the X-Marker is in extensive use at airports today.

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