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Construction Equipment

BHI offers a full solution to a construction site with world renowned equipment brand from Germaney, Japan, USA and many others. With nearly 15 years of experience in this field, we are able to fulfil your requirements and work with you to package the best-suited products and service support for all your needs.


BHI offers top class excavators with higher precision and fuel efficiency with latest technology from the leading European standard industry. Hi-tech component, integrated AI controlling system, safety sensors and attachment coupling will allow you to operate any kind of operation in any weather with maximum productivity. Whether it’s digging or braking, we assure you to consider it done with BHI Excavators!

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Wheel Loader

BHI wheel loaders featured with a hi-tech component, powerful engine and gearbox, smart controlling system for smooth operation and different working mode allows it to perform with greater excellency in earthmoving and stonework construction. Special cab provides better visibility and controling system with cameras & spotlights, which offer a comfortable opertating experiance for operators. Higher output and lower fuel consumption make it both time convenient and feasible.

Backhoe Loader

For higher efficiency and versatile work, we offer backhoe loader which performs excellently in small scale loading, digging and dumping work for any kind of construction.


In case of land development and road construction or other construction our dozer will be the best solution. We offer best dozer from the leading European standard industry with higher precision and fuel efficiency with latest technology.

Motor Grader

Text here text hMotor graders deliver smooth, automatic shifting thanks to an Ergopower transmission and torque converter. And with the hydraulic differential lock and automatic power splitting, torque is instantly transferred from a slipping tire to one with more traction, providing constant traction without throttle adjustment necessary.

Paver Machine

BHI offers all type of paving machine wheather its concrete or asphalt from European standard manufacturer. Lastest paving technology, integreted controlling system, auto cleaning system and great frequency will experiance you safe, clean and hasselless compaction operation.

Road Roller

CASE road roller combine climbing power, high centrifugal forces and 360-degree visibility to provide you with superior productivity and power. The whole compaction line offers easy operation and outstanding serviceability. Easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy on the operator, CASE asphalt compaction equipment is built for the daily grind without the daily grief. With dual-drum drive technology, high vibration frequencies, and impressive maneuverability these easy machines are hard to beat.

Earth Drilling Rig

Drilling rigs can be massive structures housing equipment used to drill water wells, oil wells, or natural gas extraction wells, or they can be small enough to be moved manually by one person and such are called augers.

Light Construction Equipment

Building construction is a demanding industry, because the finished buildings are usually judged by the degree of comfort the people who live or work in them experience. This is a tough judgment, which Our Principles machines and equipment pass with flying colors. The extensive range of products, which includes internal and external vibrators, reinforcement technology equipment, trowels, hammers, cut-off saws achieve excellent results in building construction. And make you feel good about the job. With Our Principles construction machines and equipment, civil engineering and road building projects are completed fast and professionally. Whether vibratory plates, rammers, trench rollers, demolition hammers, floor saw, breaker – all of the extremely robust machines and equipment are first-class companions for any construction process, from road substructure, canalization and pipeline construction, right through to excavations for major building sites.

Bitumen Sprayer

Truck mounted self-propelled Bitumen Pressure Distributor with suitable heating system and Bitumen sprayer with variable spray bar to operate on constant pressure system, complete with air-compressor, bitumen pump, auxiliary engine, tank mounting and other accessories for uniform and constant rate applications of hot bitumen (or cold tar) as per the specifications.

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