• Special Purpose Equipment
  • Special Purpose Equipment

Special Purpose Equipment

BHI integrates a range of world class services to provide Special Purpose Equipment for construction maintenance.

Demolition Excavator

Demolition are meant all the activities with which structures are demolished, destroyed, dismantled, dismantled and it represents the first step for the recovery of areas in disuse and sanitation of areas with strong environmental impact.

Demolition is divided into 3 different phases:

  • The Primary Demolition is that complex of works aimed at breaking down a building and removing the materials.
  • Secondary Demolition consists in the separation and or reduction in fragments of what has already been demolished.
  • Selective Demolition on aims to the recovery of recyclableand valuable elements resulting from the demolished material.

Product range:

  • The ideal demolition partner in the city center for selective dismantling, demolition, sorting or loading activities
  • Flexible on the go with demolition shears, sorting grabs, hammer or shovel

Asphalt Mixing Plant

For high degree of automation, reliability, and high accuracy of measurement BHI offers ideal equipments for the construction and maintenance of high-grade highways.

Street Sweeper

BHI offers high effeciencive and smart Street Sweeper for better the aesthetic of streets.

Road Maintenance Truck

TTo support transport companies BHI offer a safer, more efficient flow trucks with a cost-saver and lower fuel consumption of their freight.

Crack Sealing Machine

BHI offers a full soloution of Crack maintenance by cost-effictive and fast Crack Sealing Machine.

Vacuum Truck

For faster loading and less travel time to empty the tank BHI offers high quality Vacuum Truck.

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