• Tactical Intelligence Solution
  • Tactical Intelligence Solution

Tactical Intelligence Solution

Tactical intelligence Solutions are focused on support to operations at the tactical level. Specialized units operating in reconnaissance capacities carry out the mission to identify, observe, and collect data that will later be delivered to command elements for dissemination to command elements and units. Marksan Global provides tactical intelligence solutions for various operational scenarios when at the base of these operations, the capability to monitor, extract and intercept devices. As different organization needs different solutions, so we provides customized solutions for the following solutions based on the customer requirements.

Passive GSM Interception

Passive GSM Monitoring System designed for the searching, intercepting and analyzing of communication sessions as well as service information circulating in cellular GSM network. Passive GSM interception systems allow an attacker to eavesdrop on mobile telephone calls using only passive methods, i.e. equipment that only receives, but does not transmit and that is thus undetectable for the victim. Undetectable and highly portable, passive interception systems are used either for intercepting the radio link between a mobile phone and a base station, or between a base station and other network components.

IMSI Catcher

IMSI Catcher are specialized tactical 2G, 3G & 4G Mobile Tracer & Locator system intended for Law Enforcement & National Security groups. It logs all the IMSI, IMEI and TMSI identities of all mobile stations in a selected area. IMSI catchers nearby IMSIs, and then don’t interact with their target phones in a significant way beyond that. They quite literally catch (i.e. record) IMSIs by pretending to be real base stations and then release the target phones. In GSM networks, phones will try to connect to whatever base station is broadcasting at the highest signal strength.

Mobile Tracer and Locator

Mobile Tracer and Locator System collects basic GSM information like IMSI, IMEI about 2G, 3G and 4G handsets in a local area and localizes it. It is a compact and portable system packed in a ruggedized case and compact enough to be carried in a backpack.

Handheld Direction Finder

Handheld Direction Finder is a specially designed pocket-sized direction finder designed to find the precise physical location of the target mobile phone captured by IMSI and IMEI catcher. Our offered DF wideband direction-finding antenna for DF and transmitter hunting in the wide band. It combines several antennas in a neat housing. It also has integrated electronics to make it more effective when used in conjunction with signal analyzers.

Wi-Fi Monitoring

Wi-Fi Monitoring System is a tactical forensics system specialized for complex monitoring of Wi-Fi networks. It is used for the search, interception, passive monitoring and recording of the signals.

GSM Decryption System

GSM Decryption System is a decryption unit for GSM cellular telephone catering.

Lawful Interception (LI)

LI Solutions supports interceptions from sources like Fixed Networks, PSTN Mobile Networks, GSM, CDMA, GPRS, UMTS, IP Networks, etc. It helps in monitoring of all types of voice, fax and data communication in fixed as well as mobile public networks.

Geolocation System

Geolocation System is for determination of the location of radiation sources operating via Satellite Repeaters placed on Geostationary Orbit.

Command and Control Centre

Command and Control Centre is a high performing data analytics platform, capable of processing critical and large volumes of data. It enables homeland security and law enforcement agencies to accelerate the speed of decision making and effectiveness of case execution.

IP Interception System

IP Interception System filters and extracts large volume of data carried instantaneously over IP links and efficiently delivers data and voice flowing through those links.

SMS Interception

SMS Interception helps in mass collection, decoding and storage of SMS's. The decoding information contains information which the SMS has been decoded.

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