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  • Security Solution

Security Solution

Marksan Global along with some of our excellent manufacturer provides all types of security solutions like X-ray Baggage Scanner, Metal Detector, Under Vehicle Inspection System and other security products.

Baggage Scanners

Baggage Scanners used to identify detailed images of baggage contents. They can detect metallic and non-metallic objects, including most organic materials. Marksan Global offers following solutions of Baggage Scanner.

Mail & Small Parcel: It is a compact and mobile systems for mailroom and small parcel inspection to detect contraband, narcotics and other threat materials.
Checkpoint: Checkpoint inspection of incoming personnel, visitor or traveler belongings, including backpacks, laptop bags, purses and luggage.
Large Baggage: Large baggage inspection systems with an increased tunnel size for screening baggage, oversized luggage and large crates and parcels.
Cargo: This system is for cargo screening of boxes, freight and pallets. Dual view and high penetration systems are available.

Body Scanners

A body scanner is a device that detects objects on a person's body for security screening purposes, without physically removing clothes or making physical contact. Body Scanners overcome limitations by providing detailed images that identify items that are both concealed ON the body under clothes and IN the body and also within prosthetic devices. They will detect explosives, narcotics, weapons, metals and precious stones either concealed under clothes or swallowed or hidden in the anatomical cavities of the human body.

There are two types of body scanner available:

  • Single View Body Scanner
  • Dual View Body Scanner

Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System

Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System used as a non-destructive method of inspecting and identifying goods in transportation systems. Our solutions for Vehicle and Cargo Inspection are proven for the most complex applications including seaports, border crossings and critical areas protection. Security officers use our high-quality images in the fight against smuggling and traffics of all kinds including explosives, weapons, drugs and weapons of mass destruction.

We offer following types of Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System.

  • Mobile
  • Drive Through/Portal
  • Gantry
  • Rail
  • Trailer
  • Pallet & Air Cargo
  • Handheld

Explosive Detectors

Explosive detection is a non-destructive inspection process to determine whether a container contains explosive material. Marksan Global offers following explosive detectors. Liquid Explosive Detection Systems: Liquid explosive detection systems (LEDS) identifies the non-invasively detect explosive material that is in liquid form.

Explosives and Narcotics Detection:
Hand Held Explosives Detectors: Capable of both vapour and particulate sampling, for non-invasive searching luggage, mail, clothing, electronic articles, cars, trucks, documents and containers.
Hand Held Narcotics Detectors: Can detect minute traces of cocaine, opiates (heroin and morphine), cannabis (marijuana and hashish) and amphetamine-type stimulants (methamphetamine).
Combined Hand Held Explosives & Narcotics Detectors: Provides combined detection of both explosives and narcotics in one hand held detector.

Metal Detectors

Marksan Global offered metal detector is an electronic instrument that detects the presence of metal nearby. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground.

Under-Vehicle Inspection System

An Under-Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) is used to detect threats, such as bombs, etc. that are hidden underneath vehicles. Cameras capture images of the undercarriage of the vehicle for manual or automated visual inspection by security personnel or systems.

Our offered UVIS consist of a robust waterproof enclosure that the target vehicle drives over, within it are a number of illuminated cameras that provide a stitched together image of the underside of a Road vehicle, or Train Rolling Stock, the system operator can then identify suspicious items. The road vehicle UVIS can be provided with an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems and databases, the vehicles underside image will be recorded against its number plate and can be compared to previously recorded images. More sophisticated versions can also record the vehicle colour and images of the driver from an overview camera.

The systems can be integrated with rising arm barriers, rising ramps, traffic lights and central control rooms. They can be supplied in either static or rapid deployable mobile configurations.

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