• LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant
  • LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant

LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant

Marksan Global provides complete turnkey solution for LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant. Starting from Blanking line up to finishing line Marksan Global offers wide range of equipment and designs for your required LPG cylinder. Our Turnkey solution is for the production of two- or three-piece steal LPG cylinders, mainly EN and DOT types, according to all relevant international standards. Main points of our turnkey solutions we offer for production of all kinds of LPG cylinders, particularly picnic, domestic and industrial types, are detailed below.

  • LPG Cylinder Body Production Line
  • LPG Cylinder Foot Ring and Collar Ring Production Line
  • LPG Cylinder Degreasing Unit
  • LPG Cylinder Welding Line
  • LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Unit
  • LPG Cylinder Hydrostatic Test Unit
  • LPG Cylinder Surface Preparation and Coating Line
  • LPG Cylinder Test and Valve Assembly Line

LPG Cylinder Refurbishment (Repairing) Plants

The physical condition of LPG cylinders can deteriorate with poor handling, use of inappropriate distribution equipment, and continued use and exposure to the elements. Regular maintenance, repair and requalification are necessary to ensure that they remain fit for service. This can be achieved by inspecting and then segregating cylinders with defects and damage for appropriate action when they are brought into the filling plant for refilling.

Maintenance and repair work should be done in refurbishment plant cause of most of repairs requires special equipment and competences.

  • LPG Cylinder Valve Unmounting
  • LPG Cylinder Visual Inspection
  • LPG Cylinder Plasma Cutting
  • LPG Cylinder Grinding
  • LPG Cylinder Guard Ring Straightening Unit
  • LPG Cylinder Foot Ring Straightening Unit
  • Guard & Foot Ring Removing Machine
  • LPG Cylinder Guard & Foot Ring Welding Machine
  • LPG Cylinder Blowing and Redenting Machine

LPG Cylinder Quality Control Equipment

After production of the LPG Cylinder, they must be tested to maintain the high production quality. Main LPG Cylinder Quality Controls are as follows:

  • Material Specification Control
  • Mechanical Tests of the Material
  • Chemical Analysis of the Material
  • Welding Wire Specification Control (welding thickness control)
  • Zinc Wire Specification Control (Metallization thickness control)
  • Visual Control of the Paint
  • Painting Thickness Control
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Pneumatic Testing
  • Thread of Valve Boss Control
  • Valve Specification Control

LPG Cylinder Washing Unit

BANGLAAMRK offers LPG cylinder washing system whcih is designed for washing of dirty LPG cylinders on the conveyor before re-filling process. System consists of washing cabinet, high pressure water pump and reservoir. The washing system is highly efficient and ensures optimal cleaning of the LPG cylinders.

All kinds of dirt and grease can be removed from the cylinders easily.

The washing system is consists below listed sections:

  • Soap spraying cabinet (optional)
  • Modular washing cabinet (304 quality stainless steel)
  • Water tanks with heating element and filters for washing
  • Rinsing cabinet (304 quality stainless steel)
  • Water tanks for rinsing cabinet
  • Blow-off section

Raw Material Supply

Marksan Global offers high quality raw materials for your cylinder manufacturing plant. Our extensive network of leading suppliers the raw materials allows us to offer you high-quality products LPG cylinder manufacturing purpose at competitive prices, completely hassle-free and with short delivery times.

  • HR Coil
  • Zinc Wire
  • Welding Wire
  • Welding Flux
  • Cylinder Valve
  • Steel Shots

Service & Spare Parts

With in-house experts for electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems Marksan Global can be the right partner for the service & maintenance of your cylinder manufacturing plant. To make it as a one stop solution we are also capable of supplying necessary spare parts for your cylinder manufacturing plant.

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