• Oil & Gas Product Solution (ProSol)
  • Oil & Gas Product Solution (ProSol)

Oil & Gas Product Solution (ProSol)

Marksan Global Prosol Division is renowned for supplying oil & gas related equipment and turnkey solutions with an excellent track record. Our goal is to serve all of our customers as a One-Stop-Shop for all the oil & gas related equipment. Our extensive network of leading suppliers of oil & gas components allows us to offer you high-quality products for any Oil & gas related purpose at competitive prices, completely hassle-free and with short delivery times. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customers. At a glance Marksan Global prosol can be your life time trusted partner for your existing and upcoming oil & gas industry.

Hose & Fittings

Marksan Global Prosol offers Elaflex hoses which is one of the leading international specialist for refueling equipment and safe connections for the transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids.

Since the foundation in 1923 Elalfex has been developed into a leading specialist for engineered refueling equipment. Refuelling calls for the highest standards of safety, consequently Elaflex mission is to offer premium quality only. Their competent design and engineering departments and production facilities safeguard that Elaflex products are technologically state of the art, in accordance with the highest safety measures and set standards in the industry sector.

Elaflex hoses, fittings, couplings, expansion joints and nozzles have been setting standards, since 1923. Along with Elaflex We provide quality engineered durable products. A sound investment both in terms of performance and total lifetime cost benefits.

LPG Hose
'Orange Band' Liquefied Petroleum Gas hose to EN 1762. For propane, butane and their mixtures to EN 589. As the hose lining is resistant to diffusion the hose is also suitable for natural gas. Use with propene (propylene) possible - pricking required. Not suitable for ammonia. Rugged and long-lasting construction with low tensile braids. Permitted working pressure 25 bar, burst pressure >100 bar. Temperature range -40°C up to +70°C (Special type LPG-LT does not crack down to -50°C). Approved by DVGW, approval No. DG-4621 AU 0049.

Lining: Nitrile rubber (NBR), black, electrically conductive, diffusion resistant
Reinforcements: Textile braids with 2 crossed tinned copper strands
Cover: Chloroprene (CR), black, electr. conductive, flame and abrasion resistant, ozone, UV and ageing resistant

Assembly and tests: For L.P. Gas hoses only suitable safety fittings acc. to EN 14422 or EN 14424 must be used which can be mounted tightly, see examples below. According to EN 1762, hose assembling must include a mandatory pressure and conductivity test

Petroleum Hose
'Yellow Band' high pressure fuelling hose without helix for reel operation. Ideal for all petroleum based products. Temperature range -30° up to +90°C (temporarily up to 110°C). Electrical conductivity < 106 Ohm. Corresponds to EN 1761. Can be calibrated according to European regulations. Approved acc. to German military standard VG 95 955 Typ D. Corresponds to EN 12115.

Lining : Nitrile rubber (NBR) black, no fuel-solubility
Reinforcements : Two low tensile textile braids for extreme low volume increase under pressure.
Cover : Chloroprene (CR), black, conductive

The lining is resistant to swelling, solubility and discolouration. It is flexible at low temperatures. The cover is resistant to abrasion and weathering and furthermore provides a very good low temperature flexibility. Meets the material group NBR 1 of the EN 12115. Marking: Yellow bands every 4 mtr. Continuous, vulcanised embossing as per example above

Chemical Hose
Lilac Band' multi purpose hose for chemicals, acids (except for concentr. oxidising acids ), alkalis, salt solutions, alcohols, polar solvents, acetates, aldehydes, ester, ketones, hot cooling water, hot air, not oily. Temperature range -40° up to +100°C (depending on medium). Open steam cleaning up to 150°C/ max. 30 min. Not suitable for aliphatic, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons, fuels, chlorine, ether, tar oils and oxidising acids.

Lining : EPDM, black, smooth, seamless, el. conductive
Reinforcements : Textile braids (Type CHS additionally with galvanised steel helix )
Cover : EPDM, conductive, resistant against ozone

Application: Highly flexible hose for more than 75% of all industrial chemicals. Limits regarding medium, concentration, temperature see resistance chart. Electrically conductive connection via tube or cover without metallic contact. Meets EN 12115.

Marine Hose
'Yellow band' Marine Cargo Hose with vulcanised built-in nipples.

Lining : NBR black, el. dissipative, no fuel-solubility
Reinforcements : multiple low tensile textile cord layers, standard type SBS with galvanized steel helices
Cover : Chloroprene (CR), black, smooth, el. Dissipative

Specification: Marine Cargo Hoses (Bunkering Hoses ) with conical transition to the fitting and covered reinforcements. Vulcanised built-in flange nipples (see overleaf). Meets EN 1765.

Application range: For bulk loading and unloading of bunkering ships and tankers, for petroleum based products up to 50% aromatic content. Temperature range from -35°C up to +82°C, temporarily until 90°C.

Marking: Yellow bands and vulcanised embossed stamps according to standard and customer requirements, stating type, size, manufacturer and production date

Safety Break-away Couplings
Safety Break-away couplings are used to prevent pull away accidents, protect terminal and loading/unloading equipment and eliminated unwanted product release. The break-away couplings has a diverted breaking point which will break at a determined break-load where upon the internal valves will automatically close on both sides. This will in a longer time frame minimize down time, save money, equipment and the environment.

LPG Reticulation System

Marksan Global Prosol offers quality equipment for LPG Reticulated System which is and advanced method of supplying LPG to households. As compared to the conventional cylinder supply LPG Reticulated system is a piped network that supplies cooking gas to individual flats through a centralized Bulk Storage or gas bank/cylinder bank facility.

Diaphragm Gas Meters
Marksan Global offers Accurate, reliable and secure diaphragm gas meters. Our offered Gas Meters impress by the sound processing of high-quality materials combined with a large number of technical details. These meters are made with the materials of the highest quality that meet the requirements for product lifetime, security and technical precision. For example, our offered diaphragm gas meters are made of high quality steel plate or aluminium alloy. The seal plate is made of stainless steel and resistant to corrosion.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Approved in accordance with MID by NMi
  • Wide measuring range for flow rates of 0.016 m³/h to 6 m³/h
  • Galvanized steel powder-coated housing for maximum corrosion
  • Resistance
  • Fire resistant (HTB) up to 0.1 bar according to EN1359
  • Maximum pressure loss: < 160 Pa at flowrates of 6 m³/h
  • Starting flow < 1 dm³/h
  • Integrated system to adjust the error curve
  • Working temperature range: -25 °C to +55 °C
  • Operating pressure: 0.5 bar
  • Long-term stability due to usage of high-quality diaphragms
  • Optional: reverse flow preventer

First Stage Regulator
Marksan Global offers High Pressure Industrial / Commercial Regulators which is designed to reduce propane gas container pressure down to between 3 and 100 PSIG. Ideal for liquid or vapor service, they can be used in a variety of applications including salamander heaters, weed burning torches, fish cookers, tar pot heaters, and other industrial type services.


  • Provides high capacity performance at a reasonable price.
  • Suitable for both liquid and vapor service.
  • Compact design provides for easy installation.
  • Negative or indirect acting design provides for excellent performance when needed most – in cold weather, when tank pressures are lowest and system demands are highest.
  • Consistent delivery pressure, especially in cold weather, helps ensure maximum performance from the second stage regulator.
  • Can be readily fitted with a pressure gauge in the ¼” F.NPT port.
  • Molded diaphragm provides an o-ring like seal between the body and the bonnet.
  • Fully painted in brilliant red for complete corrosion protection.
  • Available in four adjustable ranges for maximum performance.
  • Bonnet and body are assembled in the USA using the unique.
  • patented RegULok™ Seal System.

Second Stage Regulator
Marksan Global offers Low Pressure Second Stage Regulators - Standard Settings which is designed to reduce first stage pressure of 5 to 20 PSIG down to burner pressure, normally 11” w.c. Ideal for medium commercial installations, multiple cylinder installations and normal domestic loads


  • Large vent helps prevent blockage and has ¾" F.NPT for vent piping.
  • With 15 PSIG inlet pressure, regulator is designed to not pass more than 2 PSIG with the seat disc removed.
  • Incorporates integral relief valves.
  • Replaceable valve orifice and valve seat disc.
  • Straight line valve closure reduces wear on seat disc.
  • Unique bonnet vent profile minimizes vent freeze over when properly installed.
  • Large molded diaphragm is extra sensitive to pressure changes.
  • Built in pressure tap has plugged ⅛ F.NPT outlet. Plug can be removed with a 3⁄16" hex allen wrench.
  • Select brown finish.

Industrial Valve

TMarksan Global Prosol offers a wide variety of industrial valves and services for Power, Oil & Gas, Chemical and Refinery industry. We have different types of gate, globe, plug, ball, butterfly, check, pressure relief, control valves etc. These valves can be operated by handles, gears or actuators according to specific needs.

Ball Valve
Ball valves are used to start, stop or throttle flow. It uses a ball shaped disk with a hole in it. When the valve is opened the hole of disk is turned in-line with the direction of the flow. When the valve is shut, the ball is rotated so that the hole is perpendicular to flow direction.

Butterfly Valve
Butterfly valves that can be used in on-off and throttling systems. They are quick and easy to operate. The flow control element is on either a vertical or horizontal axis and is opened when the handle is rotated 90 degrees and closed when the valve is turned an additional 90 degrees.

Check Valve
Check valves are used in systems employing gate valves because they prevent the reversal of flow in the piping system and there is a low pressure drop across the valve. The pressure of the fluid through the system opens the system, while the weight of the check mechanism will close the valve if the flow is reversed.

Safety Relief Valve
A relief valve opens slowly as the pressure increases about the set-point and only opens as necessary. A safety valve rapidly opens as the pressure setting is reached and will stay open until the pressure is lower than the actuating pressure set-point. Both valves are used to prevent damage by relieving accidental over- pressurized fluid systems.

Pump System

Marksan Global offers various types of Liquid LPG pumps which are used in LPG systems to transfer product from one tank to another, or to supply LPG to a process that consumes it. Transfer from transport trucks into stationary storage tanks is often completed using a truck-mounted liquid pump. Many LPG vapor systems and LPG-Air systems also utilize pumps to ensure adequate product pressure.

Truck Loading/Unloading Pump
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has to be transshipped and stored temporarily several times from the production up to final destination at customer site. The transport tank is connected to a hose and pumps are used to transfer the liquid LPG from a storage tank to the road tanker. Required amount of LPG is then carried in a truck mounted tank to the destination.

Tank Loading/Unloading Pump
LPG storage tank loading/ unloading is similar to that of the truck loading/unloading. Before the transfer begins, pressure is equalized between the storage tank and the road tanker. When the pump is started, it pulls liquefied LPG from the bottom of the tanker, through the pump, and to the storage tank. As the tank fills with liquefied gas, accumulated vapor is passively transferred from the storage tank to the transport tank. The transfer process is complete when the tanker is emptied.

LPG Filling Pump
Horizontal, self-priming centrifugal pumps of the segmental type with closed impellers and a suction stage. The suction stage is installed at discharge side. It is arranged in parallel to the last liquid handling stage and operates acc. to the sucking-through principle. The design UEA has an axial inlet with NPSH inducer stage. The axial thrust is compensated by single-impeller relief. The remaining axial thrust are compensated by antifriction bearings of sufficient size. A hydraulically favourable re-routing is done by means of guiding devices in the stage casings.

Metering System

Marksan Global Offers flow measurement, control and communications solutions, serving commercial and industrial needs nationwide. Our products are used to measure the flow of LPG and are known for accuracy, long-lasting durability and for providing valuable and timely measurement data. Our smart solutions allow users to optimize, use and minimize waste of one of the world’s most precious resources.

LPG Mass Flow Meter
The Mass Flow Meter is used to measure the mass of LPG consumed in each of the applications in the manufacturing process. The system includes either digital or analog thermal mass flow meters, controllers, and switches. A Coriolis flow meter contains a tube which is energized by a fixed vibration. Due to the moving mass and Coriolis Effect, the inlet and outlet sections oscillate in different directions causing the highly sensitive sensors to pick up these changes. This gives a direct measure of the flow of liquid or gas in the pipe.

Positive Displacement Liquid Flow Meter
Positive displacement (PD) flow meters measure the volumetric flow rate of a moving fluid or gas by dividing the media into fixed, metered volumes; finite increments or volumes of the fluid. Positive Displacement flow meters are the only flow measuring technology to directly measure the volume of fluid that passes though the flow meter. It achieves this by trapping pockets of fluid between rotating components housed within a high precision chamber. Rotor rotational velocity is directly proportional to flow rate, since the flow of fluid is causing the rotation. In electronic flow meters the rotating components contain magnets that activate various sensor options located outside the fluid chamber. Mechanical positive displacement flow sensors rely on the rotation to drive either a magnetic coupling or a direct gear train connected to the mechanical counter.


Marksan Global provides design, engineering, supply and supervision of installation of a complete LPG Autogas stations. We also provide after sale maintenance support for customers. We are providing best quality product solution with different value range suit for you.

Autogas is Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( LPG ), a flammable hydrocarbon gas including propane butane and mixtures of these gases. Autogas, liquefied through pressurization, comes from natural gas processing and oil refining. Autogas is used as fuel for vehicles.

Autogas Dispenser
Marksan Global Prosol offers Autogas dispensers from Batchen which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LPG dispensers. The current range of Batchen dispensers are the result of more than 40 years' experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of Auto LPG dispensers.

Over this period Batchen have won an unparalleled reputation for the performance, reliability and durability of our LPG dispensing products.

Commander II: DCT Dispenser:

  • Modular design and styling highly customizable to match forecourt and image requirements.
  • High durability materials greatly reduce the risk of corrosion.
  • Optimal accuracy, reliability, durability and safety thanks to advanced hydraulic design.
  • Modern electronics with customizable graphics and displays.

Dispensing Pump
Marksan Global offers different types of regenerative turbine pumps used in a wide range of applications at Autogas filling stations and for the transfer of LPG from aboveground and underground tanks. Available in numerous speeds and configurations, these pumps can be used as either truck pumps or on LPG tank trucks, and offer exceptional performance and reliability.

Storage Tank
Our offered Tiapm storage tanks range – from 15 to 500m3 – is designed, manufactured and tested as per Directive PED (2014/68/EU – calculation code EN13455) or in conformity to other national technical and safety standards (e.g. ASME VIII – USA, EAC – Russia, D.E. 90-245 – Algeria, etc.)

Configurations can be horizontal or vertical, aboveground or underground (buried or mounded), complete with accessories (valves, PRVs, level indicator, thermometer, manometer, cathodic protection, etc.) for LPG depot or complete with autogas/cylinder filling skid.

Dispenser Nozzle & Hose
Marksan Global offers high quality LPG nozzle from Elaflex for vehicle refuelling with liquefi ed petroleum gas ( propane, butane and mixtures ) up to 50 l / min. Working pressure 25 bar. Test pressure 40 bar. Burst pressure > 100 bar. Temperature range - 25° up to + 70° C, 'LT'-Type down to - 40° C.

Safety features: The nozzle only allows gas to flow when it is correctly coupled. No opening possible when coupled misaligned or tilted. The discharge volume of gas when uncoupling is minimal, direction of discharge turned away from the user.

Modular construction: Nozzle body ( e.g. valve body and operating mechanism ) identical for all coupling types. Nozzle body aluminum, comfi grip PVC, easy rotating swivel EA 820 stainless steel / brass, coupling nut stainless steel ( DISH : aluminum), inner parts stainless steel / acetyl resin / PA, lever and latch PA. Seals NBR and PU.

ACME 1¾" (Threaded Coupling) for vehicle connections to EN 12806. Gas release volume: approx. 1,7 cm3. Weight: ≈ 1,5 kg

DISH ('Italian' Claw Coupling) for vehicle connections to EN 12806. One-handed operation possible. Gas release volume: < 1 cm3. Weight: ≈ 1,2 kg

EURO (Push-In-Coupling) Coupling to EN 13760. One-handed operation possible. Gas release volume: < 1 cm3. Weight: ≈ 1,4 kg

LPG Bulk Supply

Marksan Global Prosol represents Petro Vietnam Gas Corporation (PVGAS) which is not only the Vietnam's largest Liquefied Petroleum Gas supplier but also is the dominant player of the market. Along with PV Gas Marksan Global ensures a complete hassle free LPG supply to your existing LPG Plant.

Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) is a group of hydrocarbon gases, primarily propane, normal butane, and isobutane, derived from crude oil refining or natural gas processing. These gases may be marketed individually or mixed. They can be liquefied through pressurization (without requiring cryogenic refrigeration) for convenience of transportation or storage.

LPG has many industrial as well as domestic uses:

  • The top most use of LPG is to use as the main fuel for vehicles. It burns better than diesel or petrol and hence, the top most use for LPG is to use it as ignition fuel. It is also more energy efficient and is said to leave lesser damaging impact on the atmosphere and the environment.
  • LPG is also popularly used as a refrigerant. Since butane and propane are both considered to be energy efficient, LPG serves as a great hydrocarbon.
  • LPG is also used as a chemical feedstock.
  • LPG is also used for agricultural purposes in drying processes.
  • As a great industrial fuel, LPG is also used in solution heating processes.
  • The other main use of LPG is as domestic fuel or what we know as cooking fuel.
  • The paper industry as well as the food processing industry is also one of the top most industries which rely heavily on LPG. It has also a major role in the plastic industry and is even used in making explosives.
  • LPG is also used to produce electrical energy by running turbines.

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