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Storage Tank Terminal

Marksan Global is a project-oriented company that supplies equipment, plants and systems Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) ,Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Syntactic Natural Gas (SNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Oil & Gas Filling Station, Storage Tank Terminal , Gas Process plant , Gas Network & Distribution , Oil & Gas Product Solution (ProSol), LPG Cylinder manufacturing plant and maintenance of LP gas cylinders, offers after-sales and engineering services and facility management under the common banner of Oil & Gas Division. Since a decade Marksan Global is dominating Bangladesh LPG market and has awarded 80% of LPG project in Bangladesh as EPC and EPS turnkey-based solution.

We have reputed expert international designers, specialist manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality systems for LPG filling unit, Storage terminal and Cylinder manufacturing plant. This also means we have unparalleled experience in making our solutions just right for each and every client.

We believe in quality and provide the best engineering LPG project-oriented support.

LPG Tank Terminal

We are one of the top EPC or EPS solution of LPG Storage Tanks in Bangladesh. The tanks are as per customer’s requirement and are designed as per ASME code. We provide with all accessories like safety fittings, tanker loading system, valves, pipelines, firefighting, water sprinkler, gas leak detection system etc. Tanks we provide are designed and documented as per customer’s demand. Materials and fittings used in the tank depend on tank capacity and its application. Tanks are manufactured from carbon steel plates, coated with high quality, modern, eco-friendly and anticorrosion coating, covered by a quality and durability warranty. In LPG sector mainly Spherical, Bullet and Cryogenic these three types of storage tanks are used. In Bangladesh almost of the all companies make spherical type storage tank. We have a big dominating power in this type of tank. We have provided maximum tanks in Bangladesh. We also provide the tank accessories such as- Ladder, Anchor, Colum, Welding Rod, Staircase, Sprinkler for fire etc.

Spherical Type Tank (200 MT ~ 6000 MT)
A sphere is a very strong structure. The even distribution of stresses on the sphere's surfaces, both internally and externally, generally means that there are no weak points. That's why a drop of water forms a spherical shape when under free fall, in short; it achieves a shape where all the resultant stresses neutralize when no external force (gravity) is acting on it. Moreover, they have a smaller surface area per unit volume than any other shape of vessel. This means, that the quantity of heat transferred from warmer surroundings to the liquid in the sphere, will be less than that for cylindrical or rectangular storage vessels. Thus, less pressurization due to external heat.

Spherical tank stores products of liquefied gases or chemicals with high pressure commonly and also designed in accordance with ASME SEC. Ⅷ DIVⅠ&Ⅱ. The tank is classified into Watermelon Type, Football and Partial Football Type used widely depending on the cutting plan of shell. Marksan Global collaborate with S-Tank to build spherical tanks over during last a few years in Bangladesh and worldwide. This is the most feasible tank in Bangladesh. We provide these tanks as per ASME codes. We have already provided tanks of 750 MT, 1000 MT, 1500 MT, 1670 MT, 1800 MT, 2000 MT, 2500 MT and also can provide as per customer demand.

Bullet Tank (5 MT ~ 3000 MT)
Storage options include spherical LPG pressure vessels and both above ground and underground (‘mounded’) cylindrical vessels, also called bullet tanks. Though very few companies in Bangladesh are interested about bullet tanks, we can provide and design bullet tanks for them. These types of tanks are economical and if the customers have land issue, can move to these types of tanks.

Cryogenic Storage Tank (Up to Capacity-240,000 m3)
A cryogenic liquid is a refrigerated liquefied gas having a boiling point colder than -130°F (-90°C) at 14.7 psia (101.3 kPA, abs) . Cryogenic Storage Systems store for LNG and Liquefied Ethylene, Propylene and LPG applications. STE provides every scope of services in the construction of storage tanks and handling facilities for low-temperature liquefied substances such as LNG, LPG, Ethylene, Ammonia, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Etc. (Low temperature ranging from -4 °c to -196°c).

LNG Tank Terminal

Marksan Global provides every scope of services in the construction of storage tanks and handling facilities for low-temperature liquefied substances such as LNG, Ethylene, Ammonia, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Etc. (Low temperature ranging from -4 °c to -196°c). we have the resources and expert foreign Engineers to design and build LNG storage tanks in any location and under all types of logistical constraints. Our people have the localized knowledge to provide front-end permitting and regulatory compliance support all the way through startup. We direct-hire and train local field personnel whenever possible, and we can quickly mobilize large erection crews anywhere if they are needed. As a dedicated storage tank manufacturer, we offer full-process EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) including maintenance to achieve high-performance project execution for tanks and auxiliary equipment/facilities while leveraging the pricing and geographical advantages of manufacturing products.

These are part of our efforts to support the energy-related needs of people worldwide through energy-source storage facilities.

Type of LNG TANK

  • Single Containment
  • Double Containment
  • Full Containment

Single Containment Storage Tank
This type of storage tank has the basic construction of ordinary dome roof tanks. The outer surface of shell and its adjoining area is insulated against heat leak and humidity penetration with polyurethane foam, foamglas or similar materials. This unit can be used to store liquefied gases such as butane and ammonia, which have a relatively high critical temperature.

Double Containment Storage Tank
Basic structure is same on the below. This type of tank is suitable for the low temperature storage product such as LNG, and Ethylene.

Above-Ground Double-Shell Metallic Tank
These tanks are of flat bottom, cylindrical type, with outer shell of carbon steel and inner shell of low temperature service steel or of aluminium. Based on designs thoroughly studied for every aspect of assured prevention, the tanks are further as the highest security with the strict quality control enforced throughout all stages of manufacture and construction.

Above-Ground Double Shell Tanks with Suspended Deck
The outer shell is replaced by the high safety dike which is provided with a roof. Any leakage from the inner shell will be prevented from reaching the environment. Concrete is resistant to corrosion, and ensures long service life, while dispensing with paint coating Adaption of prestressed concrete with further enhance earthquake-resistance.

Above-Ground Triple Shell Tanks with Concrete Outer Shell and Double Metallic Inner Shell
Independent primary inner tank inside the secondary inner tank provides for additional safety by containing all leakage from the primary tank within the secondary inner shell.

Full Containment
A full containment tank design is defined as a double tank designed and constructed so that both the inner tank and the outer tank are capable of independently containing the refrigerated liquid stored. The inner tank contains the refrigerated liquid under normal operating conditions. The outer roof is supported by the outer tank. The outer tank is intended to be capable of both containing the refrigerated liquid and controlled venting of the vapour resulting from a product leakage after a credible event. A full containment tank may be referred to as a full integrity LNG container.

Ammonia Tank Terminal

Marksan Global with its strategic partner specialize in the design of anhydrous ammonia storage systems including terminals, atmospheric storage tanks, ship unloading systems, refrigeration systems, transport pipelines and pumping and heating systems to deliver liquid ammonia to the tank. Company specialists offer comprehensive design, engineering and consulting services and have worked on several large-capacity refrigerated ammonia storage tanks and systems.

Large scale distribution of ammonia is usually transported via cargo ships delivered to shipping points in very large volumes. These large volumes need to be contained in a single refrigerated storage tank.

Services include:

  • Mechanical, Industrial & Process Engineering & Design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost Estimates
  • Tender documents
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning

Cryogenic Tank Terminal

Cryogenic Tank/ Low Temperature Tank (Max. Capacity-240,000 m3)
Our experience encompasses the entire range of cryogenic containment options, configurations & metallurgies, including Low Temperature Carbon Steel, Aluminum Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Nickel Steel. Cryogenic tank is classified into Single Containment/ Double Containment and Full Containment depending on the storing concept, and Single shell and Double shell type by shell structure. Double shell with PC/RC outer shell and steel outer shell by material applied to outer shell. As a more economic internal roof type, suspended deck is used than dome roof commonly.

Cryogenic tank is enclosed by the insulation system to prevent heat loss through shell, roof and bottom. The tank stores liquefied products of low temperature and low pressure such as LPG/ LNG/ Ethylene/ Ammonia/ LOx/ LIn/ LAr etc., designed in accordance with API 620 "Q" / "R" and BS 7777. WINTECO has designed and built fifteen (15) over refrigerated and cryogenic storage tanks for liquefied gases by advanced high technology of air-raising during merely several years around the world. We provide low temperature and cryogenic storage tanks for the entire range of liquefied gases including butadiene, butane, ammonia, chlorine, propane, propylene, carbon dioxide, LNG, LPG, ethylene, oxygen, argon, nitrogen and hydrogen.

Chemical Storage Tank

Marksan Global is a long established global company who specialise in the design and construction of storage tanks for customers predominantly involved in the oil and gas, mining, water infrastructure and other industrial resource activities.

The services we offer include complete project management from concept to commissioning.

Marksan Global design and construct contractors of water storage reservoirs constructed from steel.

  • Large reservoirs to 80 million litres capacity
  • Small to medium capacity reservoirs 1-15 million litres
  • Steel Standpipes
  • Elevated "wine glass" reservoirs with capacities to 5 million litres

The services we offer include complete project management from concept to commissioning.

Marksan Global offers a range of petroleum tanks to suit a wide range of configuration requirements.


  • Up to 100,000m3

Tank Types:

  • Cone Roof
  • Floating Roof
  • Cone Roof with Internal Floating Roof
  • Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof

Design Codes:

  • API 620
  • API 650
  • BS 2654

All Petroleum Products. Marksan Global has been a major contractor to petroleum refineries and terminals in Russia and the Middle East for over 15 years offering a complete project management package including:-

  • Design of Petroleum Tanks
  • Design of Ancillary Facilities and Pipework
  • Design of Foundations
  • Site Preparation and Foundation Construction
  • Construction of Petroleum Tanks
  • Installation of Ancillary Facilities and Pipework
  • Commissioning

Marksan Global has extensive experience in the design and construction of:-

  • Sulphuric Acid Storage Tanks
  • Nitric Acid Storage Tanks
  • Bitumen Tanks
  • Ammonia Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Storage Tanks

Marksan Global has completed the design and construction of multiple acid storage tanks with a combined capacity of 80,000 tonnes.

Other recent projects include the design and construction of a 5,000 tonne Double Wall Ammonia tank and a Heated Bitumen Cone Roof tank.

The contracts presented special challenges to the Marksan Global team because of the remoteness of most sites, the harsh conditions and the technical complexity of the tanks.

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